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The Best Holiday Gifts to Give Without Breaking the Bank

It’s August! Time to talk about Christmas and Hanukkah presents!


Yes, I know Santa and Hanukkah Harry are still tanning in the Hawaiian Islands and sharing last year’s stories over shaved Hawaiian ice. So why talk Christmas and Hanukkah now?

Let me explain.
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What A Clean Kitchen Really Looks Like

Earlier this year, I made a commitment to eating clean. Since then, I have been doing a lot of baking, chopping, and cooking in my kitchen. We eat home cooked food for pretty much every meal, and yes, leftovers totally still count as home cooked meals (“Hello, third day pasta. Where have you been all my life?”).

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How We Hacked Black Tie Attire for $20

Recently, we were invited to a wedding and were so excited to attend. And then, 3 days before the wedding, we found out it was “black tie only.”

At this point, we slightly panicked.  It was the night before we were leaving for the beautiful, touristy beach town where the wedding was to be held and neither of us owned any black tie attire.

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Pan holding baking supplies

5 Great Ways to Make Baking A Breeze

As some of you know, I have been on a mission to eat clean this year, which also means I have been spending some major QT with my kitchen and all its accoutrements (like the oven). Over this time, I have discovered a few hacks that have helped me speed up cooking and have reduced the amount I have to clean. Without further ado, here they are (in no particular order):

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How to Not Eat Like a Puritan 

I recently visited some family in Southern California and went to one of my favorite cafes in Santa Monica. I love the fresh, real food and the crazy OMG-who-do-I-have-to-sucker-punch-to-get-a-table-around-here atmosphere. Plus, let’s be real – the desserts are pretty good too (Coconut Pound Cake, I’m looking at you!). But that’s not the point of the story.

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Raising Three Kids: Seeing a Doctor with a Newborn in Tow

Hello again from the trenches!

Over the past few months, I have gotten to go to the doctor (my doctor) with my newborn in tow.

In fact, I have seen one two three four doctors with junior: three specialists (one of which was my OB) and my good ol’ regular doctor. Mind you, before having three kids, I didn’t normally go to the doctor. Or bring a kid with me for that matter. However, as part of my hazing for being a mom of three with no family nearby (read: no free/emergency babysitting), I was blessed with needing to go to the doctor many times with a newborn. Here is a rundown of the two most memorable ones:

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Life with a Newborn: Take 3

Baby #3 is finally here (Yay!). The sleepless, drugged day-into-night time warp feeling has begun as has the overwhelming joy in having a new addition to the family (and to finally getting to enjoy chocolate and decaf coffee without heartburn again – hooray!).

Being our third time around the newborn baby block, I find myself thinking about how this time is different from all other times. So, before the fog of the newborn period lifts, I figured I’d write a post, one-handed, about how our third time on the newborn merry-go-round has been different than our first or second one.

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