About Me and My Blog

Hello and Welcome! I hope you find this blog uplifting, unexpected, and entertaining.

I am passionate about living a better life, and if that is what you are interested in too, then you can kick off your shoes, put your feet up, and enjoy the posts I have written.

On my blog, you’ll find a lot of interesting and positive content that is bite-sized enough for you to enjoy during the little bits of free time you find throughout the week.

The topics I am most passionate about, and that you will read about most often, are:

  • Living a frugal life
  • Enjoying parenting
  • Making delicious recipes healthier (while keeping them yummy)
  • Pondering the messages of good non-fiction books
  • Greening my home (because I want my kids and grandkids to enjoy a world that is as beautiful as the one we have today).

I hope this blog will give you a good chuckle now and then and will help you find ways to make your corner of the woods more enjoyable, efficient, and sustainable.


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