6 Reasons Why Baby Registry Advice Is Often Wrong

“OMGGGG you HAVE to buy this!”     ~ Everyone How many times have we said or heard this phrase, especially when it comes to baby gear? By the time we purchase everything recommended, a mortgage on The Chartwell Estate might look like a thrift store bargain (“I’ll take two, please.”). Not to fear though. All of…

7 Reasons Why Muslin Baby Blankets Are Awesome

Before I had kids, I couldn’t tell the difference between one baby blanket and another. Now that I’ve spent some major QT with babies and blankets, I can tell you that – hands down – muslin blankets are the best (Can I get an “Amen!”?!). Yes, that’s right; they are even better than the flannel footprint…

How to Get Things Done with a Newborn

Some of my favorite people are becoming parents this year, so in celebration of all that new parents do, I am dedicating this post to them. Cheers! How many of us revel in getting through our gloriously long to do lists, gleefully checking things off as we complete them? “Check. Check. Check. Check. What a great day!”…

How We Hacked Black Tie Attire for $20

Recently, we were invited to a wedding and were so excited to attend. And then, 3 days before the wedding, we found out it was “black tie only.”

At this point, we slightly panicked.  It was the night before we were leaving for the  beautiful, touristy beach town where the wedding was to be held and neither of us owned black tie attire.

5 Ways to Make Baking A Breeze

As some of you know, I have been on a mission to eat clean this year, which also means I have been spending some QT with my kitchen and all its accouterments (like the stove). Over this time, I have discovered a few hacks that have helped me speed up cooking and have reduced the amount I have to clean. Without further ado, here they are (in no particular order)…

6 Ways to Find Clean Foods in the Grocery Store

In one of my previous posts, I shared with you my horror of learning about what I was actually putting onto my family’s plates: processed human hair. Gross! Now that I have removed the offending “not-food” from my pantry, I have to ensure that when I shop, I shop clean and buy real food. And I need…

How to Institute a Veggie Loving Household: Step One – Examine Yourself

Neither my husband nor I started out loving veggies. Years ago, words like “kale” or “brussels sprouts” would send shivers down our spines. That has changed. Now we love roasted brussels sprouts and frequently add kale to our soups and smoothies. And our young kids love eating them too (cue birdsong and waterfall sound effects)….

11 Ways to Have Fun Doing Repetitive Tasks

Have you ever felt like Sisyphus, doing the same task over. and over. and over again with no end in sight? Dishes get cleaned. Then they get dirty. Then they get cleaned again. Then they get dirty. Same goes for the floor, the countertops, the clothes. You get it.I get it. We all get it….