Raising Three Kids: Seeing a Doctor with a Newborn in Tow

Hello again from the trenches!

Over the past few months, I have gotten to go to the doctor (my doctor) with my newborn in tow.

In fact, I have seen one two three four doctors with junior: three specialists (one of which was my OB) and my good ol’ regular doctor. Mind you, before having three kids, I didn’t normally go to the doctor. Or bring a kid with me for that matter. However, as part of my hazing for being a mom of three with no family nearby (read: no free/emergency babysitting), I was blessed with needing to go to the doctor many times with a newborn. Here is a rundown of the two most memorable ones:

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Life with a Newborn: Take 3

Baby #3 is finally here (Yay!). The sleepless, drugged day-into-night time warp feeling has begun as has the overwhelming joy in having a new addition to the family (and to finally getting to enjoy chocolate and decaf coffee without heartburn again – hooray!).

Being our third time around the newborn baby block, I find myself thinking about how this time is different from all other times. So, before the fog of the newborn period lifts, I figured I’d write a post, one-handed, about how our third time on the newborn merry-go-round has been different than our first or second one.

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